How to Rid Your Front Loading Washing Machine of Mold

If your front loading washing machine starts to smell, it’s likely that you have a mold problem. This can be detrimental to your health, so it’s important to get rid of it straight away.If you follow all of our tips below and your washer is still smelly, call us at the Appliance Doctor in Manhattan. Here’s how to remove mold from your front loader.

Seek Expert Washing Machine Repairs in Manhattan

Use a cloth or rag to clean the rubber door gasket. You can use hot soapy water, a commercial mildew cleaner or clove oil. Get into all the hard to reach places underneath and around it. It’s likely you’ll find a buildup of grime. Then you should clean the dispensers. Remove them from the machine and scrub them in the sink with your cleaning products of choice.

The Appliance Doctor is the Washing Machine Expert

Once you have cleaned the machine by hand, you can run a cleaning cycle. Most washers now have a cleaning setting. However, if yours doesn’t, just set an empty tecnico lavadora to the highest temperature and the longest spin cycle. In the drum, you can add either a cup of bleach or baking soda. If your machine still doesn’t smell fresh, you may need to repeat the process.

Get Expert Advice on Your Appliance in Manhattan

If the smell is persisting, you will need to get professional assistance. At the Appliance Doctor, we can come to you anywhere in Manhattan, NYC. We will send a qualified expert to take your front loading washing machine apart. Mold could be growing behind the drum, or there might be a blockage in the drain or filter. It shouldn’t take us long to find the problem. After it has been cleaned, they can put it back together for you to maintain.

Follow the Appliance Doctor’s Advice for Your Washer

When your front loader is free from the mold, you should take steps to maintain it. Remember to leave the door of your machine open when you aren’t using it. This allows it to air out between cycles. Most washers also beep when the load is clean, so you should make sure that you hang out your clothes or put them in the dryer straight away. You should also choose powder over liquid because they tend to produce fewer suds. Reduce the amount of detergent you add as this is often the source of many washing machine issues. You can also skip the fabric softener. After you have used your appliance, give it a wipe over to keep it free from mold.

Cleaning your front loading washing machine usually, gets rid of the smell of mold. However, if your washer is still smelly, hire an expert from the Appliance Doctor. We can come to you in Manhattan and get your front loader smelling fresh again. Reduce further mold problems by keeping it clean and dry and lessen the amount of detergent you use.

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